December 18: Family Sleepover in the Lounge

This tradition started many years ago when Jo was away for work at a conference. Samantha was 4, Isaac was nearly 3, and I was pregnant with Xavier. I was feeling exhausted, so put mattresses in the lounge and let the kids watch movies while I got some much-needed sleep. This was such a hit with the kids that they continued to talk about it all year and asked if we could do it the following year. As Jo travels for work most Decembers, it became a fun tradition that we did while he was away.

For the first time in a long time, Jo isn’t away for work so we all got to experience this tradition. We watched the Christmas Chronicles on Netflix.  This was the first year that I didn’t join them for the whole night, but we did all enjoy the movie together.

Yes, one child is missing. He decided to sleep under the desk just beside the other kids but out of the photo. But you’ll notice that one of our cats (Milly) also decided to join in!